Vote for your favorite Pet Kissing photo!

In the spirit of Valentines’ Day, we are holding a FACEBOOK PET KISSING CONTEST.  Participants h… Read More

I'm ready for an Extreme Sleepover!

Jean  Join our severe weather corps of people who will assist one or more of our dogs for a brief… Read More

Meet Gryffen...Fun-loving & Affectionate!

Do you have room in your heart for Gryffen? Gryffen’s family lost their home, leaving Gryffen and hi… Read More

Paisley...A staff favorite!

Hello all!  Paisley here.  Some may say I'm very gorgeous, well of course! Just look at my coat of r… Read More

Tune In With Alden - The Voice of CFC!

ALDEN BIGELOW, the voice of Caring For Creatures, teams up every week with MONTICELLO MEDIA to share… Read More

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Each animal in trouble matters. Every one counts.
Caring For Creatures is helping, one animal, one person at a time.