Tipper says, "Come to our CFC Fundraiser!"

Our friends over at Studio Baboo in Charlottesville are holding a fundraiser to benefit Caring For… Read More

Come to our Volunteer Orientation on April 18

OUR NEXT VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION WILL BE HELD SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 2015. Sign up for one, or both: Do… Read More

Stephie...Caution - She's Contagious!

People really, really love this bubbly girl!  Volunteers describe Stephie as a huge mush who loves e… Read More

Godiva...A Sweet Treat!

Looking for a special Easter treat that you won’t be able to get enough of?  Come on out and get a ‘… Read More

Our 2015 Spring/Summer Wish

Winter is over at last and it's time to prepare our sanctuary for the warm days ahead but we need… Read More

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Each animal in trouble matters. Every one counts.
Caring For Creatures is helping, one animal, one person at a time.