Abe 10




  • DSH Orange and White
  • ADULT MALE; Est DOB: Unknown
  • ARRIVAL:  July 7, 2015
  • HISTORY: Abe is one of the Sanctuary Lane kitties.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Abe is FIV+.  More info here.

Just look at these fat little cheeks, world class jowls, and broad open face. How could anyone not fall for me? Honestly! In spite of my very laid back and chilled personality I’m usually one of the first to greet visitors, although in this room full of friendly kitties it’s not always easy maneuvering to the front of the throng. I absolutely LOVE a lap and am even willing to share said lap with guys like Sox and Valentine in this photo. I adore rubs to the top of my head between my ears and with a little of that I’ll be your furever friend. I’m a substantial fellow and even solo you’ll know you have a lap full of loving feline when I’m ensconced on yours. Stroke my soft purr and you will be rewarded with a soothing purr and worshipping looks. I’m not a baby cat but once you meet this affectionate and no rough edges guy I think you’ll confess that you’re smitten with this kitten. Please come, linger for a while, and get to know Honest Abe.