• SHEPARD MIX; Sleek tan jacket, black muzzle and small white blaze on chest. 40lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 11/2014
  • ARRIVAL: November 12, 2016
  • HISTORY: Recent Mom, Autumn wandered as a stray into a yard and promptly gave birth the next day to her family. The whole family was brought to a kill shelter where they had no options of getting out alive. We accepted them into the Sanctuary on November 12th. All of her litter of 5 have gone home!
    Note: No cats for me please!

Autumn is waiting for her time to shine! She has had a load of responsibility on her shoulders – from surviving the pregnancy and birth of her pups, caring for her babies and taking them to the home of a stranger for help, to a transport to a whole new location and new humans, etc. Soon she will have the opportunity to just be Autumn. She is extremely smart, wily, and sly like a fox- in a good way, of course! She is a survivor and deserves to be pampered for the rest of her life. She has such soulful eyes when she looks at you — this dog will make someone a wonderful family companion — she can be fierce if she needs to, but much prefers the comfort and companionship of a loving human she can snuggle up with and share long walks with — soon her time will come. She is a great medium size as well. A very skilled fence climber, she is an extraordinary escape artist but will love her new human dearly so she’ll have no real reason to seek out new adventures and other humans. Happy to simply hunker down inside with her new family, Autumn is as sweet as they come. Note: Extremely housebroken!

More about me: Autumn is very kind/gentle soul but has Herculean inner strength – she’s tough when she needs to be and proved she would go the extra mile for her pups. A true survivor – she can take care of herself but truth be told, she totally welcomes human attention/friendship and more than willing to enjoy the finer things in life – like regular healthy meals and a warm and soft place to sleep. She is definitely an escape artist and will scale a 6’ fence in no time at all. I don’t sense that she escapes so that she can run away – but she has her own approach to Being and it doesn’t include being confined. There is a lot more to this girl than we have seen thus far – or at least I think so. Her personality will blossom when she has a home of her very own and has developed the trust of her new human family. I feel she would probably be patient with children – but have not yet seen her with them.

Volunteer Walker Thoughts: All she really wants is love. If you stop while walking her, she will come over and practically put herself in your lap! She loves smelling all the interesting things in the woods and running while on the leash. She would love curling up on the couch or in bed with someone and get petted for hours.

Update March 4: I’m now smiling. I’m literally beaming. I’ve shocked everyone here at the Sanctuary as I’ve been more quiet since my arrival, but today I was a new woman! I met my man. His name is Lance. I’m getting all starry-eyed just typing about him but gosh, he’s literally brought me back to life. Now Lance just arrived at the Sanctuary and folks thought we might be compatible. Within minutes of our meeting, you should have seen us running and flying around the arena chasing each other! Life is good. Lance was like a long lost friend from my past. We laughed and played and had such fun. You can even see me so immensely relaxed and just happily draped in a volunteer’s lap. How I dream for the two of us to go home together!