• Owner Name:  Joann Elizabeth (475) 228-5027- Please contact Joann if you are interested in adopting Beau.
  • Age: Four to four-and-a-half years old
  • Breed: Lab/pointer/beagle mix; 65-68 lbs
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Dogs: Friendly at first but unpredictable. Can become reactive while playing, then get aggressive.
  • Cats: ?
  • Kids: Loves kids
  • Medical: Rabies shot up to date, heartworm negative tested May, 2017. On Hartgard up until this month. Test positive for Lyme two or three years ago. Needs C-6 test. Favors his front right leg sometimes. Urine checked for protein in fall 2015 and it was negative.  Allergic to wheat, soy, and corn.
  • Temperament: Very affectionate with people and kids. High energy when outdoors and allowed to run, but currently spending most of his time in a car with owner.

Beau has experienced some abuse from people, yet remains trusting and loving to everyone. He’s so calm with people that you can take a meaty bone from him easily. He’s a total social butterfly and likes to greet everyone. Gives kisses to kids!

He has a lot of energy and loves to run outside. He’s very confident and independent when out in nature. He looks to his people for guidance and love. He’s very, very smart; basically a person with fur. He needs a lot of love and companionship. He needs a best friend, which has been me until now. But I am unable to keep him since we’ve been living in my car.

He loves other dogs and always wants to meet them, but then becomes reactive while playing. This was not the case until he was attacked by a group of dogs when he was a year old. He then had to live with those dogs for a while after attack. He still has scar. His fear aggression means that he is best kept away from other dogs altogether.

Beau has doggie ADD sometimes, but his focus improves greatly when he gets enough exercise. He gets kennel shock and can’t do crates: he drools, shakes and his eyes glaze over. He needs freedom, to run and explore.

Beau has tons of love to give. He needs a home with safety, stability, and lots of love in return.

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