Big Daddy 02



  • DLH Male
  • SENIOR, DOB: 2002
  • ARRIVED:  7/16/2014
  • HISTORY: Big Daddy was a stray being cared for at a nursing home in Charlottesville

I guess that my name fits me; I am big and I may have been a daddy at one point in my life, but Baloo or Paddington would have been more apt names. You see I very much resemble a big old round and furry black bear. You wouldn’t think a guy my size would be shy, but I am. I’m also so gentle, quiet, and peaceful and, if you approach me quietly and calmly, when you pet me I will almost immediately start purring. It is a low gentle rumble that announces that right here you have found one sweet soul. Adjusting to the sanctuary and all my roommates has taken time and it’s an ongoing process, but as time goes by I am becoming more and more receptive to folks’ attention. In truth I really like it but there’s this bashfulness barrier that I have to overcome. I’m working on that and you can help by just coming by and visiting with me and the other great cats here in the senior room.