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#AllAnimalsMatter – $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge

October 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017

All Animals Matter… Caring For Creatures has been operating from this philosophy from the moment we opened our doors in August 1988 as central Virginia’s first no-kill sanctuary.  From day one our primary focus is to provide a safe haven for animals with nowhere else to go.  This includes animals abandoned by their humans; animals who have      endured years of neglect and are dealing with multiple medical issues; and animals in shelters who are terrified and have mentally/emotionally shut down in that environment.  For nearly 30 years CFC has given a second chance to animals who otherwise would have been euthanized or would have died trying to survive on their own.

This lofty vision carries with it the need to provide focused health care and loving companionship by dedicated staff and volunteers every day.  It also requires substantial financial resources.  With that in mind, I am pleased to announce our #AllAnimalsMatter $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge!  Beginning OCTOBER 1, 2017 and running through NOVEMBER 30, 2017, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $10,000!   We ask for your help in meeting this challenge!

 The #AllAnimalsMatter $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge is being presented to you by a long-time donor and volunteer.  This individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, has been a part of the CFC family since 2006.  She has donated her time and talents to many endeavors that benefit the animals some of which include dog walking and   bathing, and off-site fundraising activities.  We are grateful to her for this special matching gift opportunity as well as the many varying talents she shares with CFC to benefit the animals.

Please help us meet this important $10,000 #AllAnimalsMatter Matching Gift Challenge by sending your tax-deductible gift, in any amount, today.   Don’t delay – your help is needed to meet the #AllAnimalsMatter $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge.  We are so very grateful for your past support and for being an important lifeline to so many awesome animals.  Thank you.


Mary Birkholz


Please click here to donate online via our secure server.  Under “Donation Designation”, simply choose “All Animals Matter Matching Gift Campaign” on the drop-down menu.  

 Or, mail your gift to CFC at 352 Sanctuary Lane, Palmyra, VA 22963.

Mary’s #AllAnimalsMatter Newsletter will be mailed to you soon.  Click here for a sneak preview:  AllAnimalsMatter Mailing doc (1) FINAL.

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The Great American Mammal Jamboree

By Alden E. C. Bigelow


A book for all ages!

Available on Amazon now, or pick up your copy at Caring For Creatures.


“Alden Bigelow weaves a mysterious tale that takes the reader on a wonderful journey, full of lessons learned and special mammal friends, and starring Jessie, the lovable narrator.”

                                                     - Dr. M.E. Adams


“Invisible cloaks, ghostly soldiers, and benevolent sabotage!  The Great American Mammal Jamboree spins a tale that compels us to suspend our disbelief as we root for the good guys to win.  While the animals in this unique fable are witty and entertaining, they underscore the serious theme of  animal cruelty and what needs to be done to combat it.

Animal lovers will delight in this lighthearted tale, but its value as a lesson for humanity makes it required reading.”


– Gerry Kruger, author of On Kruger Pond: Charlie’s Story



ALDEN BIGELOW, the voice of Caring For Creatures, teams up every week with MONTICELLO MEDIA to share news from the sanctuary and feature one of the great CFC animals waiting for his or her forever home.  Alden Bigelow is a creative genius and gifted writer with a passion for and love of animals.  He has utilized those talents along with his advertising/public relations expertise to help the 200+ animals currently in residence at CFC.  All of us at Caring For Creatures are grateful to Alden and his beautiful wife, Marjorie, for their commitment to Caring For Creatures for over seven years.  It is through their efforts that many lives are saved every year.  Alden’s literary genius has led to the publishing of several books:  Growing Up With Jemima, I Have My Reasons, Norton’s Lament and his most recent novel, Killing Time in a Southern Town.  Based on what we know of Alden, we might attribute some of his inspiration to the many animal companions he has had over the years.  Currently, Alden and Marjorie share their lives with canine, Elvis, adopted from CFC.

Owen 17 Sept.Bring on the toys and watch this friendly, happy guy have hours of fun!  Owen is a super sweet 2 year old Hound/Brittany Spaniel mix.  A newcomer to CFC, he is quickly making lots of friends.  When it’s time for his walk, he knows to sit patiently by the gate until he is hooked up.  Owen is great on a leash and loves other dogs too.  Come on out and meet this handsome fellow!

Call us at 434-842-2404 or send an email to for more information on Owen.

Tiny2Tiny came to CFC after the death of her person and losing the only home she had ever known.  She’s been here over a year now and because of everyone’s love and kindness, she has learned she is safe here.  She still avoids being picked up but loves affection on her own terms.  Tiny is a very gentle, demure and soft-natured girl.  Her friends at the sanctuary think she has the makings of a devoted and loyal companion and deserves the chance to assume that role once again. Why don’t you stop by the Scratching Post kitchen, say hello, and let her audition for the part?

Read more about Tiny here.



If you own a vehicle of just about any type and it is no longer of use to you, please consider donating it to Caring For Creatures through Donation Line, one of the largest, most visited and trusted vehicle donation centers in America.  This service is hassle-free and there is no charge to you.  All you need is a clear title (for vehicles that are titled) and Donation Line does the rest.

 Click here to go to the Donation Line website and complete the necessary website form.  Select CARING FOR CREATURES from the list of organizations and you will be helping the animals here at Caring For Creatures.

This “vehicle” of donating has been a very fruitful one for the CFC sanctuary.

DOGWOOD logo_MKB scan

The Dogwood Restaurant and Caring For Creatures join forces to help the sanctuary animals!



Lunch and Dinner (5-8 pm)

Eat In or Carry Out


Order one of 5 great specials (named after CFC animals!) and a portion of the cost of your meal will go to help the CFC animals!  This offer also applies to carry out orders of the five specials.  The specials are now being offered during lunch and dinner!  Eat in or take out!

Bring the family and eat out for a great cause!



The Dogwood Restaurant

10 Centre Court, Palmyra – across from the Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue Squad Building


Caring For Creatures has an ongoing need for many different types of items – this Wish List will give you an idea of the things we use on a regular basis. Any items that you are able to donate allows us to use those dollars for other expenses!

Download a copy of our wish list here.

Questions?  Call us at 434-842-2404 or send an email to




Sign up for one, or both:

Dogs – 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cats – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

To attend, please register by filling out an online application or send an email to

Would you like to help the dogs and cats at Caring for Creatures?  Attend one of our volunteer orientations – you’ll get to meet our awesome animals and learn about the various ways you can help.    Attend one or both of the orientations, depending on whether you’d like to work with our dogs, cats, or both!

Dog walkers and ‘cat socialization specialists’ are always in high demand!  In addition to working one on one with our animals, we need volunteers to help out with various adoption and  fundraising events.

  For more information on volunteering,  click on the ‘Volunteer’ tab at the top of our webpage.


Come join our happy family.  Our animals are waiting for you!

Kroger_logo.svg.png 800Register for The Kroger Community Rewards Program and

Help Caring For Creatures!



Register on line at

Be sure to use NPO number 86046

New online customer?  Click on ‘Sign up today’ in the ‘New Customer’ box


*   *   *   *   *   *  

Participants can shop at any Kroger store in the following states:


West Virginia

North Carolina

Extreme sleepover picture


Got a day, a week, a month or more?

Caring For Creatures offers the following foster and foster-related programs:


Our Extreme Sleepover is a short term fostering program developed for dogs during extreme weather conditions. It gives them the opportunity of being in a home environment in addition to freeing up much-needed indoor space at the sanctuary. Depending on the weather and availability of the foster parent, it can be anywhere from 1 night to 1 week, or more.

 Long Term Fostering is primarily used to assist those dogs or cats with special needs whether physical or behavioral in nature.  Animals that must go through a long-term recovery period from a medical condition (such as heartworm treatment, fractured bone, etc.) benefit from a more home-like environment and individualized TLC.

Animals who are shy or under socialized also benefit from receiving the more one-on-one interactions a foster home can provide. This helps to socialize and prepare our animals for adoption into a forever home.  Foster homes also provide senior animals or animals who have lived in a home setting prior to coming to the sanctuary with an alternative living experience.  The time that an animal spends in a foster home can vary, depending on the situation and needs of the animal/foster person.  We’ve had people make a commitment to the animal until he/she is adopted but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Two of our volunteers are currently fostering our pets; one has helped to socialize Helen and Joanie who were trapped from a nearby cat colony and the other has taken in one of our dogs, Scotch, who had never lived in a home before.  Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers, all are now adoption ready.

Day Tripper refers to volunteers who commit to taking one or more of the sanctuary dogs out for daytime explorations and they return to the sanctuary that same day!  This may include a car ride to a park or similar area for a long walk that provides lots of new smells.  It could mean a trip into Palmyra or Charlottesville to an animal-friendly store to buy a special treat and then head home again.  It could mean a visit to the volunteer’s home for a couple of hours to learn about being inside a house and hearing house sounds (TV, phones, etc.).  It could be a walk on the downtown mall just for the fun of it.   The dogs love doing fun and different things and the activities always help round out their personalities and adoption resumes!  Individuals interested in becoming a Day Tripper are required to attend our dog volunteer orientation and work with CFC to select compatible dogs for their off-site explorations!

What are we looking for in fosters:   Prior experience with animals, a home environment that is suitable for our animal’s needs and a commitment to the animal are all qualities we look for in a potential foster parent.

How do people qualify for fostering:  Prospective foster parents will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so that we can match the animal to their home environment. Are there other pets? Children? What form of exercise will be provided? Is there a fenced yard?  How much time will the animal spend alone?  – All of this plus more is taken into consideration when matching an animal with a family.  CFC may require a home visit prior to foster placement.

What are the expectations of fosters:

CFC expects our fosters:

  • to provide a safe and loving home environment for our animals;
  • to follow any medical and feeding instructions provided by CFC;
  • to report any medical or behavioral issues to CFC immediately;
  • to provide regular updates on how our animal is doing – this information is very helpful for potential adopters;
  • to be flexible/available to transport animal to an adoption event and/or make time available for a prospective adopter to meet fostered dog/cat.

CFC will provide contact information – there will always be someone to contact with any questions or concerns. We also provide medical records, ensure the animal is current on all their shots and inform the foster parent of any behavior/medical issues.  Caring For Creatures will provide food, treats, a leash, harness, crate/condo and medical care, if required.

The best way for people to get more information:  Interested individuals should call or email for more information on the above programs.  Phone:  434-842-2404; Email: