• SHEPARD MIX; Tan jacket, black muzzle and face with whisps of greying fur.
  • MIDDLE AGE FEMALE;  Est DOB: January 2010
  • ARRIVAL: January 2016
  • HISTORY: Grace’s person went into assisted living and she was forgotten and left behind in an abandoned home to fend for herself.  Luckily found but then taken as a starved and neglected pet to a kill shelter, Grace was in no condition to get well in such an environment and would be an easy target for euthanasia so we quickly spoke up for her.

I’m a surviver! Now Gloria Gaynor MIGHT think SHE is the survivor (recall her song), but when you are left behind in an abandoned house when your person goes into assisted living and you are left to perish, now THAT is a survivor! The great news is that I was found in time but gheez, my body was beyond fragile. I was starving. Extremely underweight and totally depleted, I was the most meek and emotionally and physically drained pet. Today, is a new day for me and you can see I am all smiles and happy arched tail wags. I’ll admit I can be shy in first meeting folks but soon I will warm up to you and we will be very best friends. I’m a middle aged lady who is not looking for a lot of excitement in my life. A low key lifestyle and everything in moderation is my motto. A home free of other furries (cats and other dogs) would perfectly suit my style. I think you’ll agree when we meet, my gentle, doting personality is really all YOU will need to keep the feeling loneliness at bay. Here’s to you and me meeting and making a love connection!