Kevin & Vanessa…Fresh from foster care!

Kevin and Vanessa 2Born 3/25/17, Kevin and his sister Vanessa have recently been returned to CFC after living with foster parents. Their temporary caretakers report that both kittens are very alert, watching and noticing everything and everyone around them. These are two extremely agile and energetic kittens! “They are fun and extremely playful like no other kittens we’ve fostered before. Very entertaining to watch!”

VANESSA loves toys, especially balled-up paper and cat dancers. It seems that she loves nothing better than leaping straight up into the air. Vanessa can be a wee bit shy with people at first, until she senses that you are willing to play gently. Then her confidence kicks in and she’s warm and outgoing.

Vanessa is tolerant of dogs, but cautious. She loves other cats and stuffed animals. She would really like to sit beside you and snuggle up after wearing herself out playing. She’s not quite ready to be a lap cat, but she is not against a little cuddling. A fuzzy blanket is Vanessa’s idea of paradise.

Vanessa is a beautiful, unique-looking kitten with the markings of a wildcat and the heart of a true friend. She would love to find her forever home with someone as special as she is.

KEVIN enjoys running laps around the house, then jumping and leaping high in the air…very much like the wild cats he resembles. He loves toys, and his favorite is a small, balled-up piece of paper. He would chase it all day if he could! Of course boxes and paper bags are also a big hit with him.

Kevin is affectionate so long as he’s not smothered. He’s not a lap cat yet, but prefers to cuddle after he’s tired out. He also likes to snuggle with stuffed animals and cozy blankets. When it comes to dogs, Kevin is fearless in approaching them and playing with them. He also loves other cats, even older ones. He’s a non-stop source of joy and amusement, and he’ll bring lots of happiness to any home.