Meet Gryffen…Fun-loving & Affectionate!

Do you have room in your heart for Gryffen? Gryffen’s family lost their home, leaving Gryffen and his Jack Russell companion, Tinkerbell, with nowhere to go. When Tinkerbell was recently rehomed, we spoke up for Gryffen.

Weighing approximately 80 pounds, this chocolate lab mix is affectionate and friendly, has lived amicably with male and female dogs and gets along well with cats. He has also lived with children who were 6-10 years old with no issues. Gryffen is completely house trained and non-destructive in a home.

He would do best in a home with at least one other dog. Gryffen is definitely a follower, not a leader. He looks to other dogs to guide him and show him the way. When left to his own devices, he seems lost & confused. Gryffen currently resides with Ginger here at the sanctuary.  His favorite thing is romping in the arena with his buddy, then flipping over for belly rubs!  And he loves cheese!  His former foster Mom left us with 2 pounds of cheese so that he could enjoy his favorite snack every night before going to bed.

Sweet, loving, gentle and well mannered, what’s not to love? Come out and meet Gryffen and offer him your heart and home.