Meet our elegant redhead, Reba!

Reba by Rick Stilling resizedTrue to what we believe to be some Vizsla lineage, Reba is gentle, loyal, energetic and intelligent.  This sweet, sensitive lady is great on a leash – she walks like a hound – nose first with minimal pulling and easy to control.

Reba is an active girl who will do best in a home where she will get an above average amount of exercise.  Are you a runner?  Reba would be a great buddy when you are putting in the miles!  Around the trails at CFC, she has run nicely on a loose leash and been attentive to the person she was running with.

Reba has been out to an event in a park setting and did very well with walking around a large number of people, lots of kids on bikes, meeting most other dogs, and being loved on by children.  She is a strong girl and at this point needs an experienced handler in a situation with this much activity.  However, she is a smart dog, and if you are willing to put in some training time, your effort will be rewarded!  You’ll likely end up with a lady you can have by your side, no matter where you roam.