Fizz 7 Oct. 2015



  • POINTER MIX-Sleek white jacket with dappling, tall white socks, broad black saddle across his back, black cap and long, black dropping ears.
  • MALE TEEN- DOB: February 2105
  • ARRIVED:  10/10/15
  • HISTORY:  Fizz is local surrender from a family who could no longer care for him.

With a name like Fizz you just know you are in for a good time and I certainly will live up to your expectations. Playful and fun, this lovable goofball is ready to charm the socks off you. A happy, wiggly fellow, I have many talents including running, jumping and yes, cuddling. I have a sweetness about me which is mighty appealing though I still exhibit my cute, puppy side. With extra energy and yes kisses to share, I’m ideally suited in a more active home so I can help everyone remain healthy and active. Romping and playing with others dogs is one of my favorite pastimes only next to meeting new folks. Still very much a teen at heart, I sport long, lanky limbs, and a black and white dappled jacket sure to be hit just about anywhere I go. Stop on by today and see why this Fizz could be JUST what you need to keep your life refreshing and exciting!

Update from temp foster home: “Mr. Fizz is rocking home life. He (knock on wood) hasn’t had an accident etc and sleeps in a bed next to ours, outside a crate at night and does great. Tulip loves to wrestle with him out in the backyard, and he surprisingly isn’t a counter surfer. He helped me cook Jonah’s birthday meal last night and sat on the rug behind me the whole time! Not once did he jump to get bacon OR steak! After a while, he actually just went to go lay on the couch and snooze with Tulip. He loves watching the birds in the front tree and being a noisy neighbor from our front couch. He also thinks he should run for president and had me take a couple glamour shots for that.”