Fizz 7 Oct. 2015




  • POINTER MIX-Sleek white jacket with dappling, tall white socks, broad black saddle across his back, black cap and long, black dropping ears.
  • ADULT MALE – DOB: February 2015
  • ARRIVED:  10/10/15
  • HISTORY:  Fizz is local surrender from a family who could no longer care for him.

With a name like Fizz you just know you are in for a good time and I certainly will live up to your expectations. Playful and fun, this lovable goofball is ready to charm the socks off you.  A wiggle butt king,  I’m a happy fellow and have many talents including running, inflating my ears to look extra adorable and most importantly cuddling. I have a sweetness about me which folks find mighty appealing.   Romping and playing with others dogs is one of my favorite pastimes only next to meeting new folks. A regal gentleman, I sport long, lanky limbs, ears that just won’t quit and a black and white dappled jacket sure to be hit just about anywhere I go. Stop on by today and see why this Fizz could be JUST what you need to keep your life refreshing and exciting!

Update from temp foster home: Fizz has been a wonderful temporary addition to our home and has learned a lot in the couple months we have had him! He is a charmer and can turn it on like the true gentleman he is. He is housetrained and knows sit! We are currently crate training him, and after some initial hesitation, has done well with it. He LOVES most dogs and loves to play chase with our dog in the backyard and meet new friends at the dog park. He loves being rewarded with affection and as figured out that if he sits, he gets a chin rub (which he will do anything for). He “tap-dances” when he is excited, and does a little jig with his front paws and waggles his butt so hard that will make your heart melt. We like to think that he is so joyful, it has to come out somewhere, so why not his paws and butt?!

He is a medium energy dog and loves his morning and evening walks, but in between, is happy to lay in the sun in the yard or in his bed and snooze away the day. He would make a great running partner since he is so long and lean, his stride is a perfect running pace if you are looking for a little more cardio some days. The only true requirement of his forever home: love. Running, walking, crawling, this guy really doesn’t care as long as at the end of the day, he gets a belly rub and a good snuggle. We have tested him in almost every environment and he has done great, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! He is a keeper! We have been documenting our adventures with him on Instagram using #FunnyFizz, so for more adorable pictures and videos, check it out!