• HOUND; Sleek white jacket with red saddle, red ears, red around eyes and white freckled muzzle
  • ADULT FEMALE; EST DOB: 2012-2013
  • ARRIVAL: March 12, 2017
  • HISTORY:  Rosie was pulled from a high kill shelter (along with best friend, Becky) in WV when space became an issue.

Social Butterfly!  I’m red and white and cuddly all over!  Not too long ago I was in a real bind with my good friend, Becky.  We found ourselves at an overcrowded shelter and out of time.  The good folks here at CFC graciously offered to help us and I just know they could not be more pleased!  For openers,  I found here my male soulmate and yes,  also my twin if you can believe it!   His name is Winston and honestly, from the moment we met,  I had to ask, “Where have you been all my life?”  I adore hanging out and meeting other dogs and it has simply been a treat to meet the other doggie residents.  I have such fun running, chasing and playing with other dogs that I think my ideal new home should definitely have dogs with whom I can share my life.  I’ve never met a stranger and I’m one of the most friendly, happy ladies around so feel free to add me into a home with kids and really, folks of all ages.   Sweet and carefree in my approach to life, I’m so lucky to now have a safe spot to call my own but ideally would love to put my pet skills to work for some lucky family. 

Extreme Foster SleepOver to Beat the Heat July 14: “We’re happy to report that Rosie is doing well and has been playing with Chip (recently adopted from CFC) for hours on end. Looks like she wore him out (or maybe it was vice versa). She doesn’t even bat an eye at our cats.”